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Cargo Containers Customized for You!



The space you have been waiting for is here!


We take care of every step of our builds from start to finish. We help you design, create, and install your cargo container making sure everything meets your needs and specifications.  If you have an idea in mind, contact us to make it a reality. 

Go from this.....


To this!


Obtaining a 40ft shipping container isn’t as easy as it seems.


Designing unique and simple solutions to complex problems has always been one of David Chambler’s strongest attributes. Like most General Contractors, the founder of Contemporary Cargo Designs has always enjoyed taking things apart and putting them back together. He knew with his construction background and exceptional common sense, he could make a unique, functional, and structurally sound space to fulfill his growing need of storage.  Getting frustrated with the process of finding a storage container, he thought he could simplify it for others and with that and the support of his wife Nancy, they decided to start their own storage container company.

At the beginning, they started small by just creating simple storage solutions for individuals that didn’t want to go through the construction process and needed a solution quickly, but since Nancy has and eye for style and enjoys decorating, they decided they would start creating man caves and she sheds which laid the foundation for what was about to become a successful business.


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Mission Statement

Contemporary Cargo Designs is dedicated to be the premier custom cargo container company in the Southern California area by providing extraordinary customer service, high quality designs and workmanship that exceeds all competition.

Mission Statement



  • 0-4 years (used once to transport cargo to the U.S.)

  • Few to no dents, rust, or dings

  • Excellent blemish free coat of paint


Cargo Worthy​

  • 5-15 years

  • Some dents, surface rust, and dings

  • Will need spot painting to cover blemishes

  • Can be certified for international cargo use


Wind and Watertight

  • ~10+ years

  • Many dents, surface rust, and dings

  • Will need a new coat of paint if appearance is important


  • Do you provide products to individuals or only businesses?

  • Do you have standard floor plans?

  • Can you custom design my shipping container?

  • I want more/different windows, doors, etc. Can I add those?

  • Can you provide furniture in the container?

  • Can I have the unit completely self-contained so I don’t have to hook up to site utilities? For example, using solar?

  • I want the side hinged so it folds up and makes an awning. Can I do that?

  • Can I have a rooftop skylight/deck/garden/etc?

  • Can I have the entire side cut out?

  • Can I have granite counter tops or other high-end finishes?

  • Do you build custom residential shipping container homes?

  • Can you deliver?

  • Container How-Tos

  • What site preparation do I need to do?

  • How do I hook up electrical and plumbing to my unit?

  • I want to start small and add on later. Can I do that?

  • What building codes pertain to my project?

  • Can I bury it and make a bunker/basement/storm shelter?





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